Profile Updates!

Excited to announce these profile updates:

Per Game Stats Not everyone can play the game 24/7, so by looking at your stats on a per game level, it's a lot easier to see how you perform w/ your peers. Check out our averages per game. (Hint this also appears on our region agg stats!)

Per game stats

All Regions Combined Play in lots of regions? Always wanted to see your summed up stats? We got you! Profiles and Leaderboards, now have the option to view data aggregated into one region we call "agg"

Change your region to "All Regions Combined" like below. aggregate stats

Some stats are summed
- Heals
- Kills

Some stats are averaged
- KDs
- Avg Time Survived

Some stats are Max or Min only
- Rating (max for all regions)
- Rating Rank (best (min) rank)