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We have released an awesome in-game overlay app that allows you to track your stats, as well as the stats of your friends!

Also, when you get killed, we give you the stats on who killed you! We're constantly working on more events, and a lot to come. Check it out!

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App supports all the stats you know and love, as well match history!

They're finally here! Go check your stats!

Season 4 is live, leaderboards reset, go get them ranks!

We have updated our site for Early Access Season 3!

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# Gamer Skill Rating
1 morefresh 2225.82556
2 TFGMarkus 2213.61842
3 d4rkn0ob1k 2210.00076
4 samuRaihax 2200.25256
6 DOGZER 2196.20962
7 shib3k 2191.76694
8 seniks 2185.34496
9 Goranak 2176.429
10 Sybye 2174.64622
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